Plasma Kinetics stores Hydrogen for unlimited power.

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Together we deliver a clean and safe way to power tomorrow with Hydrogen.


Not your grandfather’s hydrogen power.

Flexible and sophisticated, supplies energy to small devices and powerful rockets. According to BMW our technology is ideal for submarines and mining equipment – no explosions! Apple is confident in our system and patented the technology coupled with their computer.

And, oh yes, we are phenomenal at powering CARS!!!!!  But, not just fuel cell vehicles... As direct hydrogen injection to diesel engines; torque is increased 5%, energy efficiency is increased 15% and emissions are decreased 70%. Applying this technology to commercial trucks, trains and merchant vessels will significantly improve air quality without sacrificing performance.

Light years ahead of the alternative energy pack.

Hydrogen is captured and released when light is shined on it. Like playing a DVD. Elegantly simple; consisting of a material and light housed in a container.    

•Absorbs hydrogen like a sponge.

•No pressurized tank.   

•Fire resistant and non-combustible. Eliminates risks inherently associated with hydrogen.

•Made from plentiful resources located in the USA. Clean, safe and at the end of the material life it is a 100% recyclable.  

•Weighs a third less while delivering twice the energy of lithium ion batteries.  

•Half the cost of lithium ion batteries.

What makes our technology unique?


We’ve taken Magnesium a well known hydrogen absorbing material and revolutionized the performance with a nano structure and proprietary formulation.

  • Captures hydrogen from non-traditional sources - coal smoke stacks, desalinated water production, decaying trash and solid waste to name a few. Reducing the price of hydrogen. 
  • Hydrogen binds with Mg indefinitely, until the stored energy is tapped. 
  • Applied as a thin film to varied substrates effects hydrogen release and performance, powering the world.

Laser Light

Improved laser efficiency reduces system energy demands.   

•Readily available and affordable.

•Stores and selectively releases 99.9999% pure protium for fuel cells or 99.9% pure deuterium for heavy water reactors.     

•Models extrapolate similar selectivity for tritium.

More than just an energy delivery system

Surveillance Drones

Smooth flight delivers clear video. Safe, steady hydrogen supply provided by desalination systems on board ship.

Empowered Textiles

Woven into fabric; powers small devices and individual climate control, producing 100% pure water as a by - product.  Re-hydrogenation occurs with washing garments.

Satellite Concealment

Reflects back all light deflecting satellite imagery. Trucks, tanks and aircraft coated in our technology are invisible to detection. 

Space Travel

Safe hydrogen delivery replaces liquid hydrogen booster rockets. Sustains satellites in space with long term electrical power.

Safe Transport

Conveyance of hydrogen in non-pressurized cylinders. No need to off-load cylinders for cross state inspection, saving time and money.

Potentials to Explore...

  • MgH2 absorbs heat and hydrogen in reducing nuclear reactor risks. 
  • Stores solar energy during the day for use at night. This “grid stabilization” allows electric companies 24/7 energy with 0% pollution.

About Us

Plasma Kinetics

A technology-driven company built on global environmental responsibility, entrepreneurial innovation, integrity, and teamwork. Our breakthrough approach to renewable energy is recognized as having exceptional potential to revolutionize production, transportation, storage and consumption of the cleanest alternative fuels.

Plasma Kinetic’s mission is to protect the environment and reduce dependence on oil. Benefits include:  generating high tech jobs and improving the competitiveness of manufacturers who embrace safe and clean energy.


Received 5 US patents with more than 40 granted claims. Patented in Canada and Japan and patent pending in multiple countries around the world.

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As Dr. Michael Hermann of Opel said, “This is so much more than cars.” 

Together we succeed, together we deliver a clean and safe way to power tomorrow with hydrogen.

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