Plasma Kinetics’ research is extensive.   Specialties include materials science, gas science, laser science, microelectronics, and computer science.   Laser Hydrides were the result of a combined effort by all disciplines. 

Plasma Kinetics is developing environmentally responsible solutions for solid state hydrogen storage and related technologies including:

  • Reusable optically enhanced hydride structures with micro and nano technology.
  • Precise laser assisted hydrogen delivery.
  • Reactor-based recharging with flexible cartridge designs and quick exchange.
  • Plasma ionization for rapid on-board disk recharging.
Laser hydrides use the discovery that hydrogen can be stored in photoreactive material, and released by laser light.   The disks also contain materials and structures to reduce flamability and improve storage capacity.

Plasma Kinetic’s mission is to protect the environment and reduce dependence on oil.   The waterfall benefits include: generating high tech jobs and improving the competitiveness of automotive manufactures who embrace passenger safety and clean energy.

A complete system includes laser hydride disks, fuel cell, lithium-ion battery and an electric motor.

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